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I primarily write fantasy, with occasional forays into the worlds of sci-fi and horror. I'll fill out this page with some of my fiction over time, but for now it's going to stay sparse. You can find a wiki and a map detailing my primary setting, above.



I also write occasional articles on literature, technology, roleplaying games.

I'm a writer, programmer, and sometimes-musician working for Cook Medical, Inc. The other panes contain the interesting stuff, as well as my contact info.

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I try to make most of my software available via my BitBucket. When coding I favor Haskell and functional approaches, so most of what you find will be in that vein.

My largest and most well-developed software project is Your Helpful Homunculus, a tool for tabletop roleplaying games designed for the GM to use at the table, during play.

Way of Life 

Way of Life

You can find my productivity manager, Way of Life, right here on this site. Keep in mind that it's still in early development. In particular, it is not secure, so don't use any usernames/passwords which you wouldn't mind being uncovered.



I am currently working on the first of (hopefully) many books of sheet music designed for the hurdy-gurdy. These will contain folk-tunes and medieval songs which I find enjoyable to play, at whatever level of difficulty I am capable at the time of publication.

Eventually I would like to also include songs from popular media and video games, but the legality of distributing a derivative work may put a stop to that.